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General Rules and Regulations

  1. All staff will at all times conduct themselves in a polite manner, trying to be as coperative as possible with other members, hospital staff and residents
  2. All members are responsible for the safe keeping of keys and other Hospital owned effects in their possession. These effects are the property of St. lta’s Hospital Radio.
  3. Members shall respect at all times the equipment in the studio and treat it with the care it merits. Any faults in equipment should be noted in the log book and reported to the Station Manager.
  4. No member of staff may purchase goods in the name of the St. Ita’s Hospital Radio, or incur any liability in the name of the St. Ita’s Hospital Radio without the prior consent of the Station Manager.
  5. No member may use the studio for recording material for their own personal use. Members may apply for private use of the studio and permission may be given subject to availability by the Station Manager.
  6. No alcoholic liquors are permitted in the Studio or Hospital complexes.
  7. The premises must be vacated by 23.30, unless Station Management and Hospital security are advised otherwise.
  8. Members wishing to bring guests into the studio, MUST have permission from the Station Manager. Members who have obtained permission will be responsible for their visitor. Visitors may be asked to vacate the studio at the discretion of the presenter if their behaviour is not considered to be suitable or if they are a source of distraction. The ‘ON AIR’ presenter and or Station Manager  is deemed to be responsible for such a decision.
  9. Any actions or behaviour that is deemed to harm or has potential to Possibly harm the operation, reputation (or other) of St. Ita’s Hospital Radio, the St. Ita’s Hospital, Hospital Radio Members or whoever, will carry a summary dismissal without appeal of that
  10. member.
  11. All members undergo a six month probationary period and acceptance or dismissal (if a person is Considered unsuitable for any reason) will be at the discretion of Station Manager. Dismissal during this six month probationary period may also be summary and without appeal.
  12. The station Management retains the right to suspend or dismiss a member at Any time.


1 ; Presenters unable to Present thier show must telephone the Station Manager giving a minimum of 24 hours. Presenters are expected to be on time for their programmes.

 2: In the absence of the Station Manager the presenter opening up is responsible for the following ; De activating the alarm. Checking that all necessary computer systems are up and running


All Presenters

While on air

  1.  Complete a c.d. check and log any missing material, monitor the audio logging machine to ensure that it is recording and revert to overnight system in the event of this unit malfunctioning, advise station manager of any problems which may arise, and sign the log book provided.
  2.  The presenter closing down the ‘live programme’ must follow the following Procedure Start The Automated System.
  3. Ensure that all records, tapes, CID’s and Minidisks are returned to their place of Storage., ensuring that presses are locked, The lights are off, and that the studio is locked and alarmed prior to leaving


  1. All staff are responsible for ensuring that the station remains tidy, please dispose of any rubbish, pieces of paper etc. in the bin provided. Please also ensure that the kitchen facility area remains clean, and that cups are washed and returned to storage after use.


  1. St. Ita’s Hospital Radio is a workplace as so it is illegal to smoke in the station.






These rules are necessary to ensure that the broadcaster is fully aware of rules which he or she can refer to should the need arise. The broadcaster should ensure that his/her programme style, content and presentation should be continually aimed at the Resident in a therapeutic and entertaining fashion.



The broadcaster must be aware that his/her expressed views may be interpreted by the listener as representing the viewpoints of the Management of St Ita’s Hospital. For this reason all staff must at all times avoid commenting on politics and religion while broadcasting, recording, or editing material for transmission. Presenters must also operate within the rules laid down by the management of St. Ita’s Hospital Radio. Programmes must be Resident Focused with music, entertainment, requests for patients, information on health matters and topics which may be laid down from time to time by the Station Manager of St. Ita’s Hospital Radio.


The signed contract between the B.C.I and the St. Ita’s Hospital clearly indicates in Clause 3.11 ‘that the Contractor shall take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that all persons proscribed from law will be barred from broadcasts and that material proscribed by law or by this Contract will not be broadcast”

In addition it will also be necessary to ensure that any interviews conducted on St. Ita’s Hospital Radio are not contrary to Clause 3.5 1he Contractor shall not include in any programmes broadcast by it any defamatory, seditious, blasphemous or obscene matter or any other matter which constitutes an injurious falsehood or slander or title or any sort or an infringement of any copyright, trademark, letters, patent or other similar monopoly right or a contravention of the Official Secrets Act 1963 (or amendments thereto) or of any statutory enactment or regulation lotion for the time being in force or a criminal offence or contempt of court or breech of parliamentary privilege.

For the above indicated reasons, interviews are not to be arranged or conducted by presenters . The  Selection of those to be interviewed will be confirmed by the Station manager. Staff wishing to arrange to conduct an interview must provide Station Management with the relevant details, and at that point the Station Management will decide if the interview should proceed.

Interviews of any sort are not to take place live on air without prior approval from the Station Manager. Interviews should where possible, be light hearted and the broadcaster should be skilful to avoid any form of controversy.

 Interviews on behalf of St. Ita’s Hospital Radio

St. Ita’s Hospital Radio staff are not permitted to represent the service or to conduct any form of interview with an external media source without the prior approval of Station Manager.

 Broadcast material

All staff must at all times be fully alert to the deliberate or accidental broadcast of material that contravenes existing legislation or may be offensive in any way and must be seen to take steps to ensure that such a broadcast does not take place

 Live telephone broadcasts from outside the Hospital are not to occur unless the caller is already known to the presenter, OR if this is a prearranged interview. The presenter is deemed responsible in deciding to continue 1 terminate a live telephone link

Live telephone links with Residents are not permitted without the consent of the residents Charge Nurse . In the case of a live link with a resident the presenter is deemed responsible in deciding to continue /terminate a live telephone link.


There is a dial out facility on the telephone system which enable calls to be made Staff are permitted to use this local facility for hospital radio usage and are asked not to make calls except in those circumstances. Each department line is monitored and a print out of calls can be provided, and explanations sought from department heads for undue usage.

 Advertising & Sponsorship

Under no circumstances should the broadcast include the promotion of a product or business venture, the promotion of a service or the recommendation of the broadcaster to any of the above Clause 3.9 of the Contract clearly indicates that we would be in breach of contract in the event of any of the above occurring. Acknowledgement of official sponsors can be made in a form decided by Station Manager.

 Contractual obligation

By law, all programmes must be recorded and kept for 90 days, and if necessary submitted to the B.A.I. upon request. The B.A.I may also make such recordings. The broadcaster must be aware of Clause 3.5 of the contract which states ;

The Contractor shall not include in any programmes broadcast by it in any manner whatsoever and in particular (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing words) whether by way of sounds words or music, any defamatory, seditious, blasphemous or obscene matter or any matter which constitutes an injurious falsehood or slander of title or any tort or an infringement of any copyright, trademark, letters, patent or other similar monopoly right or a contravention of the provision of the Official Secrets Act 1963 (or amendments thereat) or of any statutory enactment or regulation for the time being in force or a criminal offence or contempt of Court or breech of parliamentary privilege”.

 Presenters must ensure that they comply with measures in place for the recording of programmes for the 90 day period, and failure to comply with this procedure will result in summary dismissal.

Presenters are required to check during each programme that the logging system is in recording mode.

 In the event of the recording facility breaking down, presenters should immediately contact the Station Manager and revert immediately to automated programming.

 The broadcaster will at all times be vigilant in order to comply with the above regulations and he/she may be held responsible for failure or negligence in the event of contravening the contract.

 All programmes will be recorded and submitted to the B.A.I. upon request. Broadcasters therefore must be seen to be impartial on all issues. They will not take part in any controversy while on air, nor should they be seen to condone, condemn, or endorse any person, cause, or product while broadcasting.

Resident confidentiality

The Station  undertakes that it will not. in it’s programmes and in the means employed to make such programmes, unreasonably encroach on the privacy of an individual.” When an individual enters this Hospital he /she engages in an unwritten contract regarding his/her right to confidentiality. Presenters must not divulge any patient details which could embarrass, injure or cause loss of earnings.



Co operation with Gardai, Local Authorities, Health Boards and other Semi State Agencies

St. lta’s Hospital Radio shall co operate in the dissemination of relevant information to the public in the event of a major emergency. The broadcaster must confirm such an emergency is bona fide by checking with the hospital switchboard or Hospital Radio Management.



All staff must be extra vigilant after programmes to ensure that the studio and premises are securely locked and alarmed. Presenters with access to alarm and access codes must keep this information private. Sharing of alarm codes is prohibited for security reasons .


Programme Format and Music Policy

Presenters at all times must not deviate from the programme format as advised in training and it is necessary to remember or audience when deciding choice of music. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in disciplinary action.

 I have read, understood and will comply with all of these regulations while broadcasting on St. lta’s Hospital Radio, and I understand that failure to operate under these additional guidelines may result in summary dismissal.

 While I am presently involved in a programme on this service, I understand that St. lta’s Hospital Radio retains the right to revoke my participation in this or on any other programme, And may do so without appeal.


 Recorded Programmes Guidelines

 1.1 Booking Studio

 Contact Torn Noctor to arrange both the booking of the studio and the recording r disks.

 1.2 Preparing studio

Open studio well in advance of scheduled recording, in order that al equipment is in place, tested and ready for use, i.e. open CD library put microphones in place, power up systems and check for operation volume levels, etc.


 Programm preparation

 2.1 Music

 Put thought well in advance to select music best suited to the program /guest/content Cheek CUs, LP’s & Singles are in playable condition.

 2.2 Interviews

 All interviews must be discussed in advance with the station manager Items to be discussed and approved shall include organisation represented, topic(s) to be discussed, and suitability of interview.

 2.3 Research

 Do not cram your preparation at the last minute. List what you want to achieve with the programme, whether it’s a topic, music or guest. Pu down clearly the purpose of the programme, set yourself the objectives to determine that purpose and pull together the information that illustrates clearly your objective.



Anyone with any issue with any of these rules or regulations MUST highlight them with the Station Manager.